claire vanden abbeele

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'Art does not portray what is visible, art makes visible.': Paul Klee.

Painting to me is always trying my hardest to reveal what is most heartfelt.

Revealing is letting things happen, letting them arise; is translating, narrating; is communication, closeness, movement; is creation. Looking is the openness towards the yet unseen. Looking at art is observing with the senses. Seeing art is admitting it to one's inner selve.

Seeing is silence, is being touched by what is hidden and making it known by means of colour. It is allowing to be born. It is introducing the inside world to the outside world for everybody to see it, to connect to it. It is separating, in order to join again.

This is an experience that cannot be defined. It is an inner gesture that cannot be captured and needs translation. I translate, or should I say try to translate. My attempt is to make the invisible visible by means of a simple language full of the power of colour. Such a translation needs openness, willingness to engage in..., to meet.

My painting is meeting with...; is being receptive to the inner movement, to changes, to the unknown, to mystery. It is waiting for a sign... from somewhere.

Looking at such a painting is perceiving the 'sign'. It is entering the painting, being touched by it and exploring the invisible sign. Looking at a painting in this way does not mean interpreting, does not mean supposing, does not mean recreating; it simply means allo­wing oneself to be touched by it, taking it in and enjoying it.

claire vanden abbeele